Are 14 years of success and tradition, creating exclusive models for you. MGBass is a pioneer in making and customizing exotic basses. We use the best woods and hardware in the world.
Mgbass gives all the buyers the first owner’s lifelong warranty. We provide you all the support whenever you need. The standard one year warranty is only for the electronics and hardware whereas the lifetime warranty covers the wooden body.
You can pay with your card at PayPal, and receive your instrument in 90 business days. We have a PayPal payment plan in 6 months, you receive your instrument in the 7th month. buy now.
We have the best professionals to help you with the perfect choices for your instrument. You create your own instrument by choosing Woods, Finishing, Pickups, Hardware and Accessories. Choose your Custom template now.
You follow the entire manufacturing process of your Mgbass by images sent in your email. We have the most qualified professionals in the market to help you whenever you need for adjustments and maintenance of your Mgbass, quickly and effectively. This, among other thigs, is the reason we have become a reference in the sector.